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Submitted on
August 31, 2009


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You’ve got to be wondering how you join this phenom crew of writers on strike (figuratively). Well your here now and all you need do in order to join our ranks is simply...

1. Click "join."

2. Submit a piece to our "Featured" gallery. You may do so once a week, and will hopefully take advantage of that.

3. Get active, and participate by commenting, and giving feedback on other members work.*

4. Done.

See? That wasn’t painful. No red tape. No papers to fine print or papers to sign. :nod:

* Here comes that fine print...

We do know that you have lives, don’t we all, many of us are in college, myself included, and many are in HS and some work, we understand. We just humbly ask that you participate, its what the club is for, getting your work attention, but at the same time giving your fellow writers attention also. Thanks so much guys.

We want to thank you in advance for joining the club, and supporting literature here on dA. Its so overlooked and we need to get it out there.

Thanks for your continued support. Write on! :nod:
So, you want us to at least read and comment on somethings, right? Because other writer's groups I've joined are basically places for writers to submit their stuff because they want it read, but they don't read any one else's stuff.

It sounds lovely, though, and I will probably join. ^^
Homsar88 Dec 24, 2009
I really want to join now.
YEAH for those figuratively on strike
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