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Hello members and visitors, these are the administration of dAWriterStrike. We aren't just robots mind you, although we have robotic tendencies. lol, no. :)

Our goal is to make and help you to be better as a writer. If you've joined we look forward to seeing your work and thank you for joining, so its easier for other members to ALSO see your work. :D Its a group effort guys.

So here we are, the
dreadful but delightful once you get to know us,

:iconformlessforce: :iconjesusroxgirl: :iconmirrorakay: :icontallen-forandi: :iconiiixii:

Founder : Formlessforce
-The Founder of dAWriterStrike.

(info coming soon)

Poetry Admins
-These admin are over the Poetry section of the club.

[F] : jesusroxgirl

Hey everyone! You are more than welcome to call me Shelly. A lot of my friends do. I've been writing stories since b4 I could write. I used to dictate them to my mom then draw pictures for them. It wasn't until I was in middle school that i really started writing poetry. In high school I was writing both prose and poetry. Then when I started college, my prose meter shot through the roof, and I completed a novel that i've in the process of trying to get published. Right now i'm studying Biochemistry, and I hope to go into Forensics someday after getting a Doctorate in grad school. I draw also, but if you look through my gallery you'll see it's not that great haha. Feel free to note me if you wanna chat! I love meeting new people! God bless!! :dance:


Hey all IIIXII here, and I'm sure we'd all love to know more about me. I've been writing since my middle school days, although I didn't take it seriously until high school. Now that I'm in college writing is a main component of the required courses so I do it more often. I'd tell you my name, but its something few people know. I've been told I give great feedback and relatively good critiques so any time I can just note me and I'll give you some feedback. As my gallery might indicate I don't write (exclusively) but it is a major facet of what I do. Writer and Designer I like to say. But yeah any questions or if you need some help just note me.
God bless. :D

Prose Admins
-These admin are over the Prose section of the club.

[F] : Mirrorakay

Hello to everyone out there! If you want, you can call me Emily. I've been writing my series of novels since I was about nine years old but I was writing before that and can't really say I've ever been less serious about it than I am now. Anyways, I'd like to make sure that all of you prose writers out there know that I am always willing to give a thurough critique and I guaruntee I'll spend a lot of time helping you out if you need it. Otherwise, I'd also love to have the chance to chat with you all so drop me a note or comment so that we can get to know eachother.

[M] : Tallen-Forandi

Muito prazer para todos!! He who is talking *snigger* to you right now is the infamous Tallen or Tallen-Forandi. Tallen likes to refer to himself in the third person. Tallen is from the slightly distant country of Brazil. Tallen is currently majoring Computer Engineering in the University of São Paulo, but he would wish to someday become a published writer. Tallen is rather awkward when it comes to talking to new people, but he will not bite you if you come talk to him. Tallen is currently helping a friend with a comic as well as spending his free time with his other massive side-project, The Forgotten. Tallen has been writing and coming with Original Settings since the age of nine. Tallen would like to remind you all that he is a little crazy, and that Tim Burton rules.
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