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Here are the most frequently asked questions that we the Admin get, and just so you won't have to ask we've created this page for just those questions. :)

1. How do I join the club?

Just watch us and be sure to get involved and give feedback on other artists work, and you'll get feedback on yours.  

2. Are there any requirements, as in do we have to paste the club into our signature?

While pasting the club's name into your signature is not required, it certainly is appreciated. It's entirely up to you. We thank you in advance if you choose to do so.

3. I want real feedback and opinions on my work. Is there somewhere specific that I can go to get that?

Yes. In the forum, there will be a thread entitled "Critique", put a link to your work there so that others can see your work and it will get critiqued. If you'd like an admin to give you a critique specify which admin you'd like in a note. *Send it to that admin, and we will get it critiqued for you.

(*Please be aware, just like you, we have school, and some of us work also, so please be patient with us. Thanks guys.)

4. Why doesn't the journal have a skin?

We are currently working on that, we're going to have a journal skin up within the next few weeks.

Any other questions?
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